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Monthly Archives: October 2015


Who is a genius?

  What would a genius understand and tell in order to be made a genius?

  Albert Einstein is a genius who gave us ‘relativity’ and had proven its validity.

  Wouldn’t I be wrong to say that the concept of relativity is understood to only human on planet earth; just like ‘time’ applies only to human on earth because, for example, each person is timed by a ‘limited life span’.

  A genius would not only tell proven understandings understood and applied to only human and would understand the beyond. For example, could any genius tell proven understanding on the ‘traveling-through-time’ validity because any life form is energy state not prescribed by time, which, as you know, time is understood to only human.

  I have these questions. Would planet earth have concurrent multiple tiers of time? Since human have limited vision as human brain could only interpret the destined specific frequency light ray as eye vision, would there be other coexistence at a different energy level which human couldn’t see and interact?

  That is, would there be other human-like life form at a different energy level coexisting on planet earth? What human couldn’t see and interact wouldn’t necessarily mean there are no other coexistence.

  What about the idea of multiple universe? Could the idea be looked at as multiple space? If the universe and its unknown were to be understood as ‘space’, postulating multiple universe would be postulating multiple space. But multiple space doesn’t take any meaning which is understood to human. With enormous unknowns about the universe and just is exactly this reason that’s why the universe is called space, so what is the point of postulating multiple space prior to getting a little more understanding of the universe!