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Photography is both an early hobby and a late self-developed serious amateur. Darien thinks himself as a self-developing amateur photographer with a nestling interest in spontaneous instant as it occurs momentarily while taking his favorite tourist trekking.

   He believes that the way he takes photography is one way of looking at nature. Nature is of course what makes him who he is today and forward. Although nature have made his past and been shaping what he is today, Darien takes more joy feeling nature now because he has better understanding of nature continuously onward.

   Darien is happy. Well, no, he is not. Darien is happy sometimes.

Darien has trouble with genuineness. Darien has trouble with sincerity. Darien has trouble with truthfulness. Darien has trouble with righteousness.

   Darien can only be god to himself; he can only be his own god.

But Darien is entitled to his own rights all to himself.

   When out of his hands, Darien doesn’t want his opinion and belief turn out to be the outcome results in the end. Darien is good ……., and Darien is NOT good ………., so let it be. Darien can always lay low and walk away when his limit is reached.

   Wanting to be an intelligent politics activist participant, at least in his own mind, Darien will take charge of himself in doing what he determines to do as being outspoken on political righteousness.

   Darien would not be self-pitying; Darien would not dwell on his past, he has full energy moving forward always.